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Cepheid Supplier Award for CeramTec UK

CeramTec UK were delighted to be presented with a Supplier Award by Cepheid.

CeramTec UK were delighted to be presented with a Supplier Award by Cepheid in recognition of the efforts made by CeramTec UK to meet their record demand for diagnostic equipment.

The award was presented by James Goodrich (Cepheid VP Global Supply Chain) on the 16th December during a call with the CeramTec Operations team from Ruabon and Southampton sites, Richard Boulter (President, Industrial Division), Jan Stenner (VP Operations Europe) and Cepheid team members including Amy Anderson (Commodity Manager).

CeramTec UK supply the ultrasonic horn assembly at the heart of Cepheid’s molecular diagnostic equipment range. Reacting to the Covid-19 outbreak Cepheid developed a system to detect coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 / Covid-19) using this equipment.

To support Cepheid, the CeramTec UK team increased output of the Cepheid ultrasonic horn transducer fivefold over a 12-week period. James explained that the ramp up response from CeramTec allowed Cepheid to distribute additional testing machines so that there are now approximately 250,000 rapid detection units in the field, allowing an estimated 25 million rapid COVID tests to be carried out around the globe.

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