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The demands in professional circles of the medical industry are increasing. Physicians in particular are obliged to train on correct and safe handling of medical products and update their qualifications on a continual basis.

Distributors and their sales forces, however, are obliged to pass on to end-users their complete product portfolio knowledge in a consistent and professional manner. Ultimately, they have to communicate their products’ advantages in an understandable way allowing the end-user to perceive the added value.

This requires comprehensive knowledge of all relevant aspects in the value-added process, including information from the supplier.

Customized Trainings

CeramTec provides all relevant information about its materials, from scientific basics to practical handling instructions. Respective trainings are offered firsthand. Our educational offering is not only directed at medical professionals but also at the communication, marketing and sales teams of our customers.

Learning can be tailored to the educational format and customized to cover specific topics of interest, for example on the topic of safe handling of ceramic components.

Furthermore, CeramTec provides information on interactions between the implant material and target tissue, the clinical outcome, and lastly, the cost-effectiveness of ceramics. The overall goal is joint commercial success.

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Education at a Glance

  • Information about ceramics taken from our 100 years of experience with technical ceramics and more than 45 years of experience in the medical device industry
  • A multidisciplinary team of immunologists, clinical researchers and health economists coordinate activities in the area of “Medical and Scientific Affairs”
  • Provided knowledge based on extensive literature studies and numerous selfinitiated or accompanied studies
  • Active collaboration with scientific bodies and initiatives with registries ensure our up-to-date knowledge
  • Training sessions following defined concepts with experienced instructors from CeramTec or external specialists, who provide training on site
  • Training at any time and any place - also possible online!  

BIOLOX® Education Center

Our modern training center travels around North America addressing daily challenges clinicians face in the field of joint replacement.

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