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Your Custom-Made Solution with a Head Start

Benefit from more than 10 years of clinical experience in two-piece ceramic implants and extend your portfolio with a ceramic dental implant solution predictably, easily and quickly. 

Speed-up product development by using our established internal connection based on carbon-ceramic technology. The reversible screw-in connection is a high-strength and form-fit, metal-free connection and offers high prosthetic flexibility. The core of the connection is the high-performance VICARBO® screw made of carbon-fibre-reinforced PEEK polymer.

Combine your two-piece implant design with our unique internal connection for an easier and quicker start to a ceramic implant system. 

A Strong, Metal-Free Connection

Customize your titanium implant design to be used with ceramics and create your own unique ceramic implant solution with our proven internal VICARBO® connection*. 

The inner geometry stays the same while the outer geometry can be adapted according to your requirements. It is important to have a dental implant design suitable for ceramic materials. Our experts will guide you through the process and support you with their expertise in ceramics.

The Core of the Implant – Carbon-Ceramic Technology

Specially designed internal geometry

The four cross-shaped retentive elements have been designed to provide an ideal transmission of torque  and with the aim to reduce stress peaks when inserting the ceramic dental implant into the bone.

Four tips for even more precision

The special geometry with four tips is intended to enable high precision as well as quick and easy insertion and alignment of the abutment.

The VICARBO® Screw

The key component is the VICARBO® screw made of carbon fibre-reinforced high-performance PEEK polymer. The screw works like a bolt, which anchors the abutment in the implant.

VICARBO® Technology

The continuous carbon fibres modify to suit the shape durably. This reduces the gap between the inner geometry and the screw with the goal to minimize colonization and accumulation of bacteria.

Available Prosthetics

Matching the internal geometry there is a set of prosthetics available for soft tissue management and restoration. Click through the gallery below. 

Full digital workflow support is also available. 

Five reasons to choose the fast lane

Get a Head Start

  • Clinically proven VICARBO® Screw Connection*
  • Customizable two-piece ceramic implant system
  • Your design and your signature
  • Faster development and approval
  • Prosthetics and digital workflow support available


*References are available from CeramTec GmbH upon request.

Expand your portfolio with a ceramic solution

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