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80% of patients would prefer ceramic over metal implants

More and more patients are considering a metal-free solution for their dental restoration.

A recent survey by Gahlert et al including more than 270 patients in Germany and Switzerland, reported that 80% of the patients surveyed would prefer ceramic over metal implants.

Ceramic implants offer an alternative for patients with metal allergy due to their excellent biocompatible properties and chemical stability. Additionally, the aesthetic aspect also plays an important role for patients. According to the survey, the majority of patients opting for a metal-free dental restoration were motivated by the perspective of better aesthetics. The white shades of ceramic mimicking the natural tooth offer natural results.

References: Gahlert M, Kniha H, Woelfler H, Jaquiéry c, Roehling S. Patient preference and knowledge of ceramic implants. Ceramic Implants 2018;2:6-9.