Why piezoceramics?

Piezoceramics are capable of converting mechanical inputs such as pressure and acceleration into electrical outputs or, conversely, of transforming electrical signals into mechanical movement or oscillations

In ultrasonic applications, piezoceramic components generate high-power ultrasonic waves for ultrasonic cavitation,  cleaning drilling and welding, surgery and for stimulating of chemical processes.

Piezoceramics are found in many signal and information processing solutions in the form of ultrasonic receivers and transmitters. They play a key role in medical diagnostic equipment.

High sensitivity and activity of ceramic sensors

Key applications

CeramTec is a world leader in the design and manufacture of piezoeletric ceramic, sensors, transducers and dielectric components for the medical market, including medical instrumentation, therapeutic and diagnostic equipment, surgical tools and in drug delivery and dialysis equiment.

Key applications for piezoceramics in sensors and transducers include dialysis machines, infusion pumps, surgical cutting and drilling instruments, dental descaling, ultrasonic therapy, lithotripsy including intravascular, ultrasonic nebulizers, phacoemulsification and ultrasonic cleaning.

With our two piezoceramic production facilities in the UK and Germany, our customers benefit from a continuously advancing portfolio of fluid management sensors and power ultrasonic transducers for a range of medical applications. 

Ultrasonic technology

The union of piezoceramic elements with composites offers a wide range of high-performance ultrasonic transducers.

In order to manufacture transducers efficiently, both piezoceramic parts and composites need to be customized specifically to the individual application.

Electrical signals

CeramTec manufactures fibers using spinning process. This is a powerful technology for the production of high-performance, long piezoceramic elements.

They are arranged in composites and make the manufacture of ultrasonic transducers possible.

Image: Ferroelectric ceramics before, during and after polarization

Long R&D tradition

Ceramtec has a long tradition in R&D, in-house manufacturing and assembly. CeramTec has developed special high-performance materials for implementation in medical piezo applications, as piezoceramic components are sometimes exposed to high stresses, and must still fulfil their functions with maximum reliability. SONOX brand materials are synonymous with premium efficiency and maximum reliability in the world of sensors, acuators and transducers.

Collaborative and controlled process

CeramTec has process control from the initial piezoceramic made in-house to the final sensor or transducer assembly. Importantly, as geometries shrink careful control of piezoceramic materials and manufacturing are crucial. The design and development of medical sensors and transducers is an increasingly collaborative process to deliver devices that meet market demands. CeramTec works closely with manufacturing outsourcing companies to provide them with complete sensor and transducer sub-assemblies, as well as with medical device companies at the start of the design process. 

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