Ultrasonic applications

Ultrasonic sensors have a unique set of properties that allow detection of distances, velocities, material properties and fluid parameters using the properties of ultrasound.

CeramTec’s superior piezoelectric ceramic components enable increased performance in application, such as the resolution of ultrasonic imaging and the efficiency of surgical devices. They are also the key technology in applications such as blood flow measurement and fetal heart monitors, providing increased reliability and accurate detection.

Benefit from efficient materials and complete transducers for small medical tools such as ultrasonic dental descalers and ultrasonic scalpels which are used in applications such as bone cutting, tissue aspiration and phacoemulsification.

"Smaller form factor medical devices mean ultrasonic sensors and transducers must fit into increasingly small spaces and complex geometries which we ensure with advanced computer numerical modelling to predict the performance of new designs." 

Charles Dowling, Sales Director at CeramTec GmbH


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Performance you can rely on

Customized solutions

When it comes to ultrasonic transducers for medical applications, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. With vertical integration from manufacture of advanced piezoceramics to the assembly of ultrasonics sensors and transducers, we meet the increasing demand for specified high power langevin transducers and advanced sensors with a full-service offer including design, development and manufacture of transducers for different medical applications.

Transducers for medical applications

CeramTec has acquired a long expertise in the design and manufacture of transducers for a variety of medical applications.

You can benefit from our engineering and opt for a standard 40kHz transducer that is capable of delivering high quality performance and reliability in your application.

Langevin Transducer

3D Finite Element Analysis

Our transducer research and development team is dedicated to working with you to find satisfied solutions to your problems. 3D Finite Element analysis can help to prototype transducers reducing development time considerably before creating and finetuning your solutions. Our design engineers can adjust the architecture, materials and manufacturing processes used to create the suitable solutions according to your requirements. 

The heart of ultrasonic technology

Piezoceramic materials are used in numerous medical applications. All these applications are facing a general trend towards smaller and more portable medical devices. 

Disposable and low cost

There is a need to lower health care costs with more treatments and procedures being carried out in clinics and at home. Many clinics do not have the full sterilization capability of a general hospital. Therefore devices and instruments may have to be disposable. Also drug delivery systems for home use must be portable and affordable.

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Sales Director Medical EquipmentCharles Dowling
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