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Pure, Precise and Clean

The manufacturing process of medical grade ceramics is more demanding than the process for metal solutions. Successful new product introduction requires efficient, goal-driven processes while maintaining the highest quality standards. This applies equally to the manufacturing of prototypes, pilots and large-scale production.

CeramTec has the resources, expertise and competence to manufacture your products according to your requirements without compromising quality. Our expertise in ceramic manufacturing is based on decades of research and development of efficient production processes and we continuously explore innovative and more cost-effective manufacturing technologies. 

We Stand for Quality

All custom made DENSILOX® implants are class IIb implants (in the EU), manufactured and 100% inspected in our facilities in Germany. We have different manufacturing technologies on offer according to your preferences: Hard machining, green machining, ceramic injection moulding or a combination of the above. Our clean-room packaging ensures contaminant-free clean implants with the option of sterile packaging as an additional service. All customized ceramic implant solutions produced in our facilities in Germany are certified with the 2023 CleanImplant supplier label. 

Learn more on the CleanImplant supplier label

Our Technologies

Conventional Manufacturing

Years of experience have made our conventional manufacturing (green machining, hard machining) the most responsive and efficient in the production of ceramic surgical implants.

We can also offer hybrid production routes according to your needs with a combination of green machining, hard machining and ceramic injection moulding. 

  • Implants (one piece or two piece)
  • Abutments
  • Semi-finished products

Ceramic Injection Moulding

Our CIM technology is fully integrated in our quality management system. CeramTec’s ceramic injection moulding is processed under controlled environment.

CIM manufacturing technologies are the go-to choice for large volume production.

  • Implants (one piece or two piece)
  • Abutments
  • Semi-finished products
CeramTec CIM Technology

Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Proprietary feedstock
  • Small, highly complex geometries
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Cost-effective technology
  • Ability to produce net or near-net shape parts
  • High and low volume manufacturing runs

Select from our Range of Surface Finishes

Successful dental implantation is primarily governed by good osseointegration. Rough surfaces have demonstrated to promote osseointegration. Sandblasting and acid etching are some of the most used surface treatments to generate micro- and nano-structured surfaces on dental implants to improve the implant's surface bioactivity. The symbiotic effect of sandblasting and acid etching creates a rough ceramic surface which accelerates osseointegration.1


Sandblasting is a mechanical treatment that creates small irregularities on the implant material and allows a roughening of the ceramic surface at micro-level. Further mechanical treatments on offer are grinding and polishing.

Acid Etching

The acid etching allows for optimal implant topography by preferentially dissolving the zirconia surface with controlled surface roughness, smooth-rough transition and fractal dimension.

Would you like anything else?

Sterile Packaging

As a standard service, our clean-room packaging ensures contaminant-free clean implants. We can also offer you the option of sterile packaging as an additional service.


1. Sennerby L, Dasmah A, Larsson B, Iverhed M. Bone tissue responses to surface-modified zirconia implants: A histomorphometric and removal torque study in the rabbit. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res. 2005;7(S1):s13-s20. doi:10.1111/j.1708-8208.2005.tb00070.x.

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