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Health Economics & Policy

Immunological response of metal containing implants under scrutiny
Health Economics & Policy

FDA: Immunological response of metal containing implants under scrutiny

The US FDA calls for a common engagement involving surgeons, scientists, patients and industry to collect evidence on implant materials. The goal is to develop a better understanding of materials science and the adverse...

Health Economics & Policy

Burden of Disease: Can the Curve Be Flattened?

The growing number of hip arthroplasty procedures requires solutions and adequate planning to reduce the future burden of disease and its economic consequences. As revision has a severe impact on the patient’s quality of life...

Health Economics & Policy

Hip Resurfacing: Current limitations and new solutions

Hip resurfacing with metal implants is limited by restrictive patient selection. Using ceramic components allows to eliminate metal-related issues and opens new options for this tissuesparing procedure. Thanks to the...

Health Economics & Policy

Medical Decision Making: Where Evidence and Intuition Meet

The reality of how to make a good decision is not as simple as considering personal or professional bias and adjusting accordingly. While best patient outcomes are the aim, the decisions of a clinical team behind these...

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