Implant Material

Implant Material

Bacteria and Biofilm Formation on Biomaterials

Fighting bacteria and infection is a concern that orthopedic surgeons and implantologists have in common. Bacteria strains and biofilm dynamics may differ, but the basic processes are the same. Microbial biofilm naturally...

Implant Material

Biocompatibility for a tissue-sparing procedure

Just as in THA bearing couples, ceramics could be the (bio)logical alternative for hip resurfacing, too: It is the only material in hard-on-hard bearings proven in arthroplasty that does not release toxic metal ions....

Implant Material

BIOLOX®delta ceramics failed to stimulate immunological responses

With the increasing use of composite ceramic bearings in THA, a group of researchers led by Joanne Tipper investigated the biological impact of BIOLOX®delta particles. The ceramic particles failed to stimulate an...

Implant Material

Sleeved Ceramic Heads: Versatile, Essential and Proven

In hip revision, the metal taper of an otherwise intact and well-fixed stem can exhibit varying types of damage which may be attributed to assembly or disassembly damage as well as black debris indicating fretting or even...

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